About Us

ECS was originally founded as the solution for people who were overwhelmed by the process of cleaning out a property for a loved one who was moving to an assisted living facility or who had passed away.

Before long, we were approached by clients who wanted to prepare the properties for sale or for rental. Our company then evolved into offering services that included some renovation and clean up for real estate property managers.

Our employees are  compassionate, experienced professionals and we are fully insured. Our services are chosen by families, attorneys, bank trustees, real estate professionals, funeral directors, and others. 

Case Study

  • ECS completes project in 3 days.


    A Coral Gables couple had to move their elderly parents (90+ years of age) into an Assisted Living Facility. The parents had lived in their home for over 50 years.

    During that time they had collected quite a bit of clutter. ECS was hired to remove all the items from the house so it could be sold.

    Our crew of 8 cleanout specialists took on the project removing over 6 TONS of furniture, junk and trash from the home.

    We completed the project by doing a thorough sweep down of the home and raking of the yard. This made the home ready for the walk through and the client completed the sale of the property.